passionate about productivity, design, and the future of work

at pingpong, we’re excited to help create a future where anyone can work from anywhere and still be part of a highly productive team.

solving hard problems with creative solutions requires extended periods of focus. the problem with current messaging apps is they steal our time and attention, making it difficult to do our best work. pingpong is the antidote to the endlessly-distracting, anxiety-inducing communication tools.

we’re headquartered in austin, tx but we believe strongly in the importance of remote teams to the future of our society. making tools to help remote teams is one of our driving forces. our messaging app is just the beginning.

if you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you. send us a note at hey@usepingpong.com.

early access is launching soon. for updates, join the waitlist and follow us on twitter.