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getting things done never felt so good

prioritize your team's focus and take your productivity to new heights. serve your team an ace with pingpong!


made for teams that value deep work

with other apps, all messages have the same level of urgency, leading to two extremes — 1) drowning in notifications that steal your attention or 2) shutting them off and missing out on something important.

keep your team in the flow and save them from needless interruptions and distractions. pingpong let’s you differentiate between what’s truly urgent — pings — and what’s important for them to see but doesn't require their immediate attention — lobs.


team collaboration where you're in control

with pingpong, all conversations are threaded to keep them organized, in context, and easily findable later. finally, multiple conversations can happen in a group without overlapping each other.

threads are separated into ones you’re following and new ones started by teammates. you can choose whether it’s important for you to be kept in the loop or not.


built for async, easy to go realtime when needed

async communication is a better, calmer way to get things done. but there are times when it makes sense to go realtime and pingpong switches between the two seamlessly.

there’s no green dot to signal that you’re available for interruptions. instead, there’s what we call “here” to show who’s focused on the current conversation.

speed, speed, speed

built so that you can get in and get out – fast. launches up to 5x faster than slack.

quick find

find conversations, files, and courts with a couple of keystrokes.

dark mode

a beautiful dark theme to give your retinas a break. useful day or night.

voice messages & walkie talkie

sometimes it’s better to say it. capture a voice message or use the walkie talkie in realtime convos.

recap digest

catch up when it’s convenient for you. an email digest automatically keeps you in the loop without interrupting your flow.

read by

see who’s read the message that started the thread. great for leaders who want to know if their message has been seen.

keyboard shortcuts

handy keyboard shortcuts to supercharge your workflow and keep you in the groove.

quote replies

quote a reply to keep the context in an evolving conversation.

recent files

spend less time searching for files and more time working on them.


a breath of fresh air coming from slack

my team is more productive and happier since we made the switch to pingpong. it’s a perfect fit for our team.

— L. Kohley, small business owner

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