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prioritize your team's focus and take your productivity to new heights. serve your team an ace with pingpong!

the best parts of email and chat combined into something far more powerful — built so you can focus on your actual work, not a barrage of notifications and distractions

four things you should know about pingpong


deep work is the priority

we want to enable you to focus on your work, not a notification badge. most messages can wait, but if you really need someone urgently, you can ping them. for any other mention, there are lobs – a silent mention if you will.


context is king, long live threads

threads keep people focused on the conversation at hand and avoid divergent, side-tracking interjections. thread summaries let you know if a conversation is worth participating in or not.


async sync communication

we believe async communication is a better, calmer way to get things done. but there are times when it makes sense to go synchronous and pingpong switches between the two seamlessly.


no fomo, no anxiety

we got rid of that horrible green dot that indicates you’re “there”, available for interruptions. unreads are grouped sensibily – separated into replies in threads you care about & new threads.


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